Fitness tracking software that helps you retain?clients

Personalize every client’s workout and inspire them to keep coming back.

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Two people using FitMetrix wearable technology while using rowing machines with software workout information behind them

Cycling class next to a FitMetrix live leaderboard display

In-studio performance?tracking

Show your clients their workout results in real time with heart rate and equipment monitors that display their performance on live leaderboards.

  • Build a loyal community with easy-to-run challenges that let your clients compete, view their results in class, and receive rewards for their performance
A mobile display with a FitMetrix booking and schedule screen and a mobile display with a FitMetrix workout screen

Mobile client access to booking and?tracking

With your own branded mobile app and web tools, you’ll keep clients engaged by letting them book their favorite spot in class and access their fitness stats from anywhere.

  • Use the app to boost engagement by giving clients anytime access to performance stats and out-of-class challenges
  • Turn prospects into loyal members with an in-app referral system that incentivizes clients to refer their friends
FitMetrix dashboard with client information and trainer viewing dashboard on a tablet device

Helping your trainers provide the best?experiences

Give trainers everything they need to motivate and build a connection with their clients, including quick access to performance reports and client information.

  • Trainers can stay connected with their clients outside of sessions by sending one-way emails and texts directly from client profiles to help them track their progress

Inspired clients, smarter workouts

Give clients the workout experiences that keep them coming back for more.

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